How to achieve rapid development with great UI

One word answer? MaterialUI. But hold on, hold on! There is more.

We do a lot of B2B development, and some of the existing apps are ugly. I mean 50 different checkboxes, all gray, rectangular UI, non-intuitive interface ugly.

But I understand it. If it’s an internal tool that has been there for some time and works, why change it. “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.”

That’s why it makes me happy when we can deliver a solution that looks like it’s from 2022. I always imagine there is some person, somewhere, using our solution, and we can make their experience better.

So, what’s the secret sauce?
– Web apps are the way to go. Desktop apps are obsolete in 99% of cases.
– Combine efficient React with a sound component library like MaterialUI
– Explain to designers how MaterialUI is used technically, so their designs are easy for engineers to implement
– Buy packages of MaterialUI components for Figma
– Simple designs can be done literally within a day
– No time spent on UI customization during development

That’s how we create good-looking B2B apps with little or no budget. We take pride and find that every client has been happy so far.