We build our own API Management Tool



We are building our own API Management Tool

High-resolution camera to audit the warehouse packaging process for end clients.

Here’s the problem.
Our client ships boxes with items to their B2B customers.

Imagine this. One of their customers calls and claims that they didn’t get all the items they ordered.

Mistakes, although rarely, happen. In this case, the box may not have all the required items.
That’s a $500-$1000 cost for our client.

How do you know if the mistake occurred in your warehouse? It is never an easy task to explain to your customer that the database record says that everything is fine.

As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

With the solution we implemented, we have a few cameras pointed at a table where the worker puts the box to be sent with items in it.

Then, if there is a problem, a simple web interface can load the feed for that particular order and use the timestamp to navigate to the exact moment the items were packed providing evidence of packing.

All good? You send the image to the client.
Because this happens rarely, no heavy-duty automation is needed.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you think that this is something you would like to try.


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