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WordPress & React.js Web App

Movegeen is a project that focuses primarily on physio/rehab telemedicine and musculoskeletal disorders from the sedentary lifestyle.
We helped them to digitize physio/rehab procedures, implementing a smart web app with an intelligent AI chatbot.

Movegeen desktop view

The need

Project Movegeen started with on-site, in-person training sessions both in fitness centers and companies. As the number of clients grew up, there was a need to scale the business online.

The goal was to create a web app for managing the whole physio/rehab procedure remotely. The first step was to create a knowledge base focused on musculoskeletal disorders from the sedentary lifestyle using a blog and AI chatbot technology. The second step was to implement an optimized video gallery. The last step was to develop an online consultancy form and connect with a video-conference technology to provide online training sessions.


Moovee, AI chatbot guide.
Movegeen tablet view

Project by
the numbers

Clients and Growing
Faster Client Education
Faster Client Convalescence
Higher Profit and Growing

The challenge

The first challenges was to find out and prepare a cost-effective architecture strategy, technologies and plugins to reduce future development expenses.

To meet the UI/UX requirements, the main web page had to be very user-friendly. We had to come up with and implement an easy registration and payment system for premium clients (companies). All the physio/rehab knowledge had to be transformed into digital content (blog and chatbot), to be easily edited and stored.

The video gallery, as a critical part of the project, had to be optimized for smooth video content load. There was a need for a third-party SMTP server integration to ensure that the email communication was not going to end up in clients’ email spam folders. Video training sessions had to be optimized for groups of 2-10 people with the possibility to share content and communicate with clients in real-time.

The app features

WordPress & React.js Technology
AI chatbot technology

The IBM chatbot was implemented to help with education in the field of a healthy office movement and musculoskeletal disorders.

Domain limited access

Company employees can register and get access to premium content only by using their company email domain to ensure safe company environment.

Advanced video gallery

An advanced video fully filterable gallery with motion effects and embedded pop-up video player.

“Lazy load” videos

A special “lazy video load” technology was used to provide high-quality experience even for users with bad internet connection.

Twitter integration

The web application is connected to the Movegeen Twitter account allowing to share and replicate all the tweets to the platform.

Anti-spam protection

Implementation of a third-party SMTP server solved the issues of emails being flagged as spam

The solution

We developed a cost-effective web application built on a WordPress server and fully customized by React. Most of the use cases were covered by WordPress plugins and tuned up using custom Javascript and CSS code.

The design is very simple, easy to understand, with separated private sections. The knowledge base was built on an IBM chatbot technology that perfectly matches the requirements for the project. In terms of the videos, we implemented and customized a plugin allowing “lazy load” technology for smooth video experience. In terms of written communication, we designed a form integrated with a third-party SMTP server for anti-spam protection. Finally, we used Zoom as a technology for real-time training sessions.

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