If you didn’t hear, scanners don’t have to be bulky hand-held items.

One of our customers had an idea – use ring scanners instead of regular hand-held ones. 

What’s a ring scanner? It’s a tiny scanner which you put on your finger. For a better idea, you can see an example in the picture below.

We went with Zebra RS5100.

It’s pretty neat. The scanner connects to a tablet via Bluetooth and sends all the data there. The tablet is then attached to a cart and displays the information for the worker.

Some highlights of the solution:
– Workers can use both hands
– Doesn’t slow down the process
– Gathers all data entry for analysis

How did it turn out?
Great of course! 🤖 The whole process is now faster (both hands are free) and the business has valuable insight.

When to use ring scanners?
In this case, the workers had to pick up items from boxes where some had covers.
Some items were smaller or delicate so they needed both hands to pull them up.

I’ll go over the details of the solution in another post.
Reach out if you have any questions.