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We help companies build digital solutions to boost their business.

We excel in…
Supply Chain | Healthcare | Real Estate
We code & design


Work we take pride in

Digital Warehouse

Mobile app driven tobacco warehouses.


Digital Real Estate Agent

Smart real estate agents sales process.


Smart Retail Digital ID

Smart reward/loyalty registration on one click.


Digital Movement

Mobile company healthy movement culture.


family across the globe

Our digital partners

Cod8 is a part of our Czech digital hubs helping us and our customers to develop
digital solutions and spread out know-how from the real-world cases.

Tereza Šamanová
CEO, Czechinno

This team has proved to be very effective and knowledgeable. They helped us
to build a very complex app and we hope for more projects with them.

Sharat Karra
Software Architect, Logexsoft
Cod8 partner - Logexsoft
Cod8 partner - S&T
Cod8 partner - Czechinno

sit back and relax

Here is where we can help you

Cod8 services
Mobile & web application

React Native & JS


C# & .NET, Azure & AWS

Data management & transformation



Cognitive design

we punch beyond our weight

We’ve Mastered

Supply chain
Real Estate

passionate and  committed

Why choose us

Customer oriented
Cod8 is all about your needs. We listen, learn and put ourselve in a customers’ place. Your business is our priority.

We react immediately on all of your requirements. Most of the wasted time is due to a lack of communication.

Attention to details

There is so much competition in the world and the only way to set yourself from the others is to focus on the details.

About Cod8 - we grow together

based in USA & europe

About us

We are an established, IT startup based out of Richmond, Virginia.

Cod8 focuses on software development. The company philosophy is to provide a digital experience (both mobile and web) with a strong emphasis on intuitive, efficient and attractive UX & UI.

Let’s grow together

Open positions

Frontend developer

We are looking for a highly motivated and experienced frontend engineer with hands-on knowledge of React Native/JS.

Backend developer

We are looking for a highly motivated and experienced backend engineer with hands-on knowledge of C#/.NET. Knowledge of AZURE or AWS is a big plus.

Cod8 is hiring

The people to talk to

The people behind
all the magic

Cod8 CEO - Jakub Kudláček

Jakub Kudláček

Chief executive officeR
Cod8 CEO - Martin Mašek

Martin Mašek

Chief technology officer


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Don’t hesitate to let us know and we’ll figure out the best option for you and your project.

Prague, Czechia

Richmond (Virginia), USA

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